That until

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There were times when I didn’t dare, didn’t dare to wear dresses, didn’t dare to speak up or be the one I wanted to be. Being busy with being who you are brings so many worries, responsibilities and troubles that it is hard to keep up with being who you actually really are.

Instead of just living your life, embracing the things that happen, the people that come across and the situations you’re thrown into, you have to learn. Learn to deal with hard moments, to live with mistakes made and that learning doesn’t come easy or happen overnight. Until…

Indeed, there is an ‘until’, a bright light at the end of the tunnel. I always thought it was a mythical place, no place I’d ever reach. A place only for the ones who never had any troubles or made those poor misjudgments I became number one in. But now that way of thinking seems to be the whole mythical thing about ‘the journey’.
That perfect until dóes come and brings so much clarity with it that you can hardly imagine why you gave yourself so much trouble about you not being there.

DIY: Geometric string art

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As I wrote in the last post I was quite busy making our house feel like a home. I know it sounds quite civil and boring but it’s quite important, especially when you come home after a long day of work. Thanks to some perfect DIY-projects everything is now kind of finished!

One of my latest DIY-projects is the Geometric Stringart, super easy and with a quick and awesome result!