Hi there!

As we all know, pies are the perfect way to celebrate something. If it’s your birthday, a special anniversary or the beginning of a new adventure: pies make everything even better!

For the ones that aren’t big fans of baking or just simply don’t have the time for it. I started my own business, all revolving around you getting some delicious pie!

How it works:

Just fill in the form below. Choose an example pie, like lemon meringue, chocolate cheesecake or some vegan brownies or tell me your wishes so I can make something especially for you.

Tell me when you’ll need the pie and if you’re willing to pick it up (close to Yorckstraße S-bahn) or if I need to bring it to you.

I’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible, so we can further discuss your wishes and get the baking going!


  • Seen as I can’t ship the baked pies, my service is only available in Berlin.
  • If you long for some cookies, feel free to write me. Even though my main focus is actually pies and cakes, I make some mean cookies!
  • I don’t do fancy marzipan cakes, if you want something with minions, horses or cars, I’m not your baker.

Order a pie!

Want to order a pie for your birthday? A special night with friends, your anniversary at work, a childrens party or just a regular Wednesday? Send me a message via this form and I’ll get in touch with you!

Note I can read German, English and Dutch so feel free to write in the language that’s easiest for you.

Naked Cake with berries (2 layers) €50,-Red Velvet Cake €50,-Lemon Meringue Pie €30,-Chocolate Meringue Pie €30,-Stroopwafel-cake €30,-White chocolate cheesecake with berries €22Chocolate cheesecake with Oreo €22Lemon cheesecake €22Carrot Cake €30Blueberry pie €25Banana bread €20,-Fudgy Brownies 16pieces €25,-Blondie Bars 16pieces €25,-Vegan Brownies 20pieces €20,-Lemon Bars 15pieces €25,-Coconut cookies €22,50Chocolate chip cookies 16pieces €22,-Chocolate Cookies 18pieces €25,-... Something else